We Decided To See What The Mongolian Nomads’ Life Look Like

We’ve started our big journey in September 2015. One of our dreams was going to Mongolia to see the nomads’ life – how they live, what they eat, how they spend time during a day, what are their traditions and beliefs.

We stayed 4 nights in steppes, lived in gers with Mongols, ate with them, drunk with them their home-made vodka and beer, shepherded the sheeps, rode a horse and much more. This country is the best place we’ve ever visited and for sure we want to come back there one day.

Horse back riding in Mongolian steppes were one of the biggest dreams

Vodka called ‘Archi’

The traditional Mongolian ger is their easy-to-move home

Animals are inseparable part of nomad’s life

From fermented cows’ milk Mongols prepare kind of beer called ‘Ayrak’

And also natural yogurt

We saw lots of skulls of animals which had been eaten by wolfs and vultures

That’s how the inside of ger looks like

And here is a toilet

Horses are the most important animals for Mongols, kind of saint

Shepherding the sheeps on motorbike with Mongolian nomad

Going with Russian UAZ through Mongolian steppes

Orkhon river near Kharakorum

Oogi lake

And the most beautiful sky above our heads